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09 September 2008 @ 12:00 am
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24 February 2006 @ 01:05 pm
I guess hiatus is still in place, but I've got to make a post to say:


(and happy birthday to my dad as well XD;)

my external harddrive - with all my PIERROT PVs, concerts, clips - has refused to connect to my laptop and the computer, so I'm really sad and didn't put as much effort as I should into this graphic. but what the heck, its not like Kirito himself's going to see it or anything XD;
26 January 2006 @ 05:05 pm
this rant is so getting it's own post

we start off with rhetorical questions:
h'okay, Kirito's currently working on a solo career right? yes.
and people hate him for it right? yes.

my retort:
I really don't see how he is turning his back on PIERROT this way. why can't the man pursue his life's dream without having fangirl daggers of hate(tm) thrown at him?
I don't think everyone started hating HYDE when he started a solo career. he has a band too (L'arc~en~ciel for those who still haven't caught on), and his solo music is just as different from his band's as Kirito's are. oh yes, and Kiyoharu (I admit I was a bit rash on saying I hated him right off the bat just because his lips really scared me in that one issue of FM). he's had two bands (kuroyume and SADS) that he's not even doing anything for at the moment while he works on his solo stuff and yet I haven't heard anyone say they hated him for 'betraying' his band. I understand if it's the music itself that repulses you, but if it's just by the fact that Kirito wants to try something new with his career and isn't COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY dedicated to PIERROT (he's still working on a single for the band right now for heaven's sake!), then I really am sad - an emoticon for those illiterate: =(
you should know KIRITO LOVES PIERROT MORE THAN YOU DO. he's been carrying it on his shoulders for over 10 years. that's much longer than what some of you can say your longest dedications are.

alright more points to make:
- all of L'arc~en~ciel have their own solo careers (I just realized). anyone care to hate ALL of them at once?
- HYDE is married and has a child. yet he still gets more respect (not counting the fact that there's still Gakuhai fanfiction out there...) than Kirito. why doesn't someone start saying he's 'betrayed' his band for a 'family'?!
- I don't think PIERROT would respect you much if you go right out and say you hate their leader just because he starts a solo career. if you don't know, each member of PIERROT sent Kirito a bouquet of flowers for his solo tour (proven if you watch The Fef of Hameln TOUR DOCUMENT) - that means they SUPPORT Kirito in fufilling his dream
- Kohta helped his brother record the bass lines in SIX of the TEN tracks off Kirito's solo album Hameln. you can argue that Kohta is Kirito's brother, but Kohta's bass still makes up one fifth of PIERROT while Kirito's voice (which hasn't magically changed when he started his solo career, contrary to popular belief) makes up another fifth, meaning together, you've got 2/5 of PIERROT recording 6/10 of that album (I'm in a math-y mood, so sue me)
- Kirito is responsible for composing half of those PIERROT songs you say you love. just because he's composing under a solo career now, doesn't mean you can just go ahead and forget that fact
- TAKEO's also done some solo stuff, I don't see everyone going crazy over his involvement in that Ghost in the Shell soundtrack
- it's not Kirito's fault none of the other members are doing their own solo projects. it is a BAND hiatus for 3-4 months only! the other members wanted to rest too after a nation-wide tour (oh and MORE THAN 10 YEARS of bringing music to our expectant ears too)

keep in mind I'm a biased obssessionist, but I respect the opinions of those who have a real reason to 'hate' Kirito as a person instead of just doing it so you can join in some sort of new 'trend'.

this must be love
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15 January 2006 @ 01:25 am
because I'm stubborn and can't sleep, I made a Tora colorbar (as well as loaded up my computer with Tora scans)! 8D

took me half-an-hourCollapse )

I think it's the Iced Cappachino I had at Lunch ~(=A=)~
curse you crosshack! ♥
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01 January 2006 @ 02:54 am
I said I would go to sleep, but I didn't X_____x
so now, it's 3AM and I'm dead tired DX

New Years present for fellow Kirito worshippersCollapse )
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30 November 2005 @ 06:22 pm
mp3 playlist - PIERROT [discography]Collapse )
mp3 playlst - albums + mini-albumsCollapse )
mp3 playlst - albums + mini-albumsCollapse )

LAST UPDATED: 2006.01.22
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27 October 2005 @ 09:59 pm
harhar, just been to musicon100 and copied the list of themes.

project OO1 : 50-themes : featuring キリト/KIRITOCollapse )
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30 September 2005 @ 10:55 pm
so I finally figure out how to use an lj-cut thing
made this thing in 20mins...man I'm pathetic

you are the most grotesque and beautiful of allCollapse )

I think I'm getting addicted to LJ -3-